Hightail Studios is a jewelry and stained glass business in Baltimore, Maryland, owned by Nina Scala and Brian Tetreault. As a metalsmith, Nina's work is influenced by the industrial maritime landscape.  In 2016 she began using colored glass from Brian's stained glass workshop to highlight her minimalist designs.  Brian loves creating one-of-a-kind stained glass panels from photographs and his vivid imagination.
We make each glass gem featured in our jewelry by hand.  This involves cutting, melting and annealing glass, and often tumbling the glass for a frosty look.  There may be small variation in size/shape.  Colors are tricky and may vary with each pane of glass. Please click here to see available colors and finishes.
We love what we do and would love to hear from you.  Please contact us for custom designs or questions.


Silver jewelry will naturally darken (oxidize) over time when in contact with the chemicals in the air.  This patina can be removed with a jewelry polishing cloth.  Because chemicals in the skin can reverse the oxidization, frequent wearing of your jewelry can actually lighten a darker patina. Every piece of intentionally oxidized jewelry is sealed with a protective wax to help preserve the darker color.  To clean, wash with warm soapy water, rinse well and pat dry.

Glass is fragile and can crack or break under pressure or if subjected to harsh temperatures.  Take care to store your glass items to avoid external stresses.  Bubbles inside the glass are normal.  Tumbled glass is much like sea glass and can have an uneven frosty white-ish coating. Rubbing it against hard surfaces can burnish some of that coating and appear to leave marks on the surface of the glass.  Any dirt or oils on the glass can be safely removed with soapy water on a soft toothbrush. Other chemical cleaners should be avoided due to potential impacts on the finish of the adjoining metal.

To preserve the finish and integrity of your new jewelry piece, please carefully store it to avoid scratches. A small zippered plastic bag can help protect each piece. Also please protect your jewelry from contact with perfume, hairspray and lotions, and do not wear your jewelry in the pool or shower as the chemicals may weaken the solder joints.

We are happy to refinish any of our handmade jewelry to its original condition. Please contact us for more information regarding this service.


Well it's a long story. Of course squirrels are bent on world domination and we want to get on their good side.  But they are also industrious and adaptable, thriving in urban and rural environments.  There is a 16th century woodcut that depicts a squirrel on a raft using its tail as a sail.  Accompanying that image is the Latin phrase "vincit solertia vires" which translates to inventiveness surpasses strength.  We feel this image and sentiment embody our story and ethic.  We considered the Latin word for squirrel "sciurus" and its literal English translation "shadow tail" as business names, but neither seemed quite right.  We doodled various images of squirrels for our logo, and decided on a squirrel in motion with his tail held high as he scurries along - hence "Hightail".